MSRP and Exchange Rates

Manufacturer Suggested Retail (MSRP) is the official price listed in Japanese Yen by the manufacturer / distribution company of their products. Otaku HQ began tracking MSRP data as of January 8, 2020. Existing products in our system prior to this date will be updated when available.

Prices listed in other currencies are approximated, calculated through exchange rates provided by Bank of Canada, and for references only. All prices shown do not include any sales tax, shipping costs, handling charges and any other miscellaneous charges charged by our partners.

Exchange rates are updated once per day during Canadian business weekdays when available.

Current Exchange Rates 1000 Yen Equivalent

1 JPY = 0.0092097 USD

1 JPY = 0.0075731 EUR

1 JPY = 0.0117473 AUD

1 JPY = 0.0111400 CAD

1000 JPY = 9.21 USD

1000 JPY = 7.57 EUR

1000 JPY = 11.75 AUD

1000 JPY = 11.14 CAD

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