• MedicomToy MAFEX No.052 BANE Action Figure
  • KADOKAWA Four Goddess Online CYBER DIMENSION NEPTUNE Purple Heart 1/7 PVC Figure
  • KOTOBUKIYA ARTFX J Legend of the Galactic Heroes Reinhard von Lohengramm 1/8 PVC Figure
  • Souyokusha Fate/stay night[Unlimited Blade Works] Tohsaka Rin 1/7 PVC Figure
  • Union Creative Hdge technical statue No.4 GRAVITY DAZE Gravity Kitten PVC Figure (Re-release)
  • SkyTube T2 ART GIRLS Nagisa no Seijo Death Maria 1/7 PVC Figure
  • mixi Monster Strike Nendoroid Underworld Rebel Lucy
  • GOOD SMILE COMPANY (GSC) Rage of Bahamut Hatsune Miku Winter Heroine Ver. 1/8 PVC Figure
  • Chara-ani Sword Art Online -Ordinal Scale- Yuuki Asuna Summer Uniform Ver. 1/7 PVC Figure
  • FREEing Prince of Stride Alternative Fujiwara Takeru 1/8 PVC Figure
  • GOOD SMILE COMPANY (GSC) Little Witch Academia Nendoroid Sucy Manbavaran
  • SEN-TI-NEL 4inch-nel KING OF PRISM by Pretty Rhythm Over The Rainbow Action Figure
  • FREEing Shining Beach Heroines Sonia -Swimsuit Ver.- 1/12 PVC Figure
  • MedicomToy MAFEX No.062 MAFEX THE JOKER (Cop Ver.) THE DARK KNIGHT Action Figure
  • SEN-TI-NEL RIOBOT Genesis Climber Mospeada VR-052F Mospeada Stick 1/12 Action Figure
  • Bandai S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Amazon New Omega
  • DAIKI kougyou Uchi no Musume ni Te wo Dasuna! Honey The Hugger Senou Mei 1/6 PVC Figure
  • KADOKAWA Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Memorial (Nendoroid Kato Megumi Heroine Outfit Ver. Limited Edition)
  • MAX FACTORY Hatsune Miku GT Project figma Racing Miku 2016 TeamUKYO Support Ver.
  • Di molto bene Monster Musume Mia PVC Figure (Re-release)
  • Pulchra Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackerman 1/7 PVC Figure (Re-release)
  • Phat! iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Moroboshi Kirari & Futaba Anzu 1/8 PVC Figure
  • FREEing Shining Beach Heroines Rinna -Swimsuit Ver.- 1/12 PVC Figure
  • PLUM iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Sasaki Chie Hi-Fi Days+ 1/7 PVC Figure
  • GOOD SMILE COMPANY (GSC) Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Nendoroid Mutsu
  • KADOKAWA Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Sistine Fibel 1/7 PVC Figure
  • KOTOBUKIYA ARTFX+ DC COMICS REBIRTH Super Sons Robin & Bat-Hound 2 Pack 1/10 PVC Figure
  • GOOD SMILE COMPANY (GSC) Kemono Friends Nendoroid Serval
  • GOOD SMILE COMPANY (GSC) Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Miki Sayaka The Beginning Story/The Everlasting- 1/8 PVC Figure
  • Phat! Rebuild of Evangelion Parfom Ayanami Rei Action Figure
  • threezero ULTRAMAN SUIT 1/6 Action Figure
  • AQUAMARINE Martian Successor Nadesico Nadesico-class No.1 Ship Nadesico Y-Unit Equipped 1/1500 Plastic Kit
  • GOOD SMILE COMPANY (GSC) Granblue Fantasy Summer Version Vira 1/8 PVC Figure
  • KOTOBUKIYA ARTFX J Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Hotarumaru 1/8 PVC Figure (Re-release)
  • Phat! iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Miyamoto Frederica Little Devil Maid Ver. 1/8 PVC Figure
  • MedicomToy MAFEX No.047 SPIDER-MAN (HOMECOMING Ver.) Action Figure
  • Yamato Toys USA Fantasy Figure Gallery DC Comics Collection: Wonder Woman New Earth 1/6 PVC Figure
  • ALTER Love Live! School Idol Festival Hoshizora Rin March Chapter 1/7 PVC Figure
  • GOOD SMILE COMPANY (GSC) Fire Emblem if Nendoroid Sakura

1. Where can I buy the figures Listed Here?

We feature six different partner stores for most of the figures they will ship to most countries, and are highly recommended.

Normally, links to CD Japan, Hobby Search and YesAsia will be available within two days when a figure is listed, links to PlayAsia may take a week or more to appear.

Not all items will be available from JList.

Plamoya, our newest partner, has its own listing update schedule (normally once or twice a month).

2. Do you list all PVC Figures ever released since 2000?

Our database has most, if not all PVC Figures / Action Figures / Model Kits released in or after 2008. Our records are incomplete for figures released before 2008.

We have an "adults-only" corner for all figures with explicit nudity.

We will not list any "events-only", "mail-order specials" and "website limited edition" figures (from sites that are not our partners).

1. Any updates to the anime / manga database?

We will not be making any updates to both sections until further notice. Also, We have discontinued posting our season previews due to time constraints.

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