BLADE ARCUS from Shining EX -Tony’s Premium Fan Box- DX Pack 3D Crystal Set (Thursday, August 27, 2015)

So, SEGA and ebten has found another way to make all Tony Taka fans give up their precious money for another limited collector edition for the new PS3/PS4 port of BLADE ARCUS, the arcade fighting game featuring all characters from the Shining series, designed by Tony Taka, of course.

So, what's so great about this ultimate set we are featuring? You will get:

  • The PS3 game itself
  • Tony’s Premium Fan Box, which includes:
    • Special illustration by Tony, for the box *PS3 and PS4 will feature different artwork
    • Special book "Shining Heroine Works" with 40 pages of gorgeous artwork by Tony Taka
    • Shining Beach Heroines Swimsuit Calendar (13 pages)
    • Shining Blade Soundtrack CD Set (2 discs with 60 tracks)
    • Shining Ark Character CD (10 songs)
  • ebten DX pack special #1: Big microfiber towel (900mm×400mm) of Plyon, Sakuya and Misty!
  • ebten DX pack special #2: Shining Beach Heroines Bathroom Posters Set of 11
  • The 3D crystal: featuring Altina from Shining Blade!!

It will cost you 17,400 Yen, but this will probably cost about 25,000 Yen once you included the handling fees and the actual EMS shipping charges by our friends from CD Japan.

Get it while you can!

The link below is only for the PS3 version. If anyone wants the PS4 version, please kindly email us and we will ask CD Japan to make that available too!

Available from:
CD Japan
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